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If you own a mobile home, you will find it can be moved to a new location when needed. What you may not know is that this process is one that requires a professional team and specialized equipment. If you plan to buy a mobile home in Texas, before making a purchase, be sure that you have mobile home movers in mind who can handle the job. Our team can handle the move and make the process as easy as possible. We have handled an array of jobs, regardless of the home’s condition or size. You can count on us to handle your transport needs.

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What to Expect When It Comes To Mobile Home Moving

Moving a mobile home in Texas is a multi-step process. For example, all utilities must be disconnected, proper permitting is needed, the appropriate transportation must be reserved, and it must be installed at the new location. There could be additional steps, as well, such as demolition, if your new residence is going in the place of an older unit at the site.

The good news is, we can handle all these. Keep reading to learn more about the steps taken to move homes so you know what you can expect during the mobile home transport process.

Acquiring Permits and Disconnecting Home Utilities

Unless your home is new and it has never been installed before, it will have to be disconnected before moving it. Once it has been purchased, professional movers can provide a thorough inspection to ensure it can be moved safely. At this point, the proper permits must be acquired for the move, which is something we can acquire for you.

Once the permits are in place, the process of disconnecting the utilities will begin. Usually, this includes removing the front and back stairs, taking down the decks and the porch roofs, and removing all the skirting around your home. Once all this is done, we will disconnect the utilities that are currently being used. If a double- or triple-wide manufactured home is being moved, the team will separate the parts to move them individually.

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Moving the Home to the New Location

Our team has flatbeds ready to go that are uniquely designed to transport a manufactured home to a new location in Austin TX. After everything has been disconnected, the team will access and use heavy equipment, such as cranes, to lift up the mobile home or to put every piece on a flatbed truck.

Once in place, our team will secure it to the flatbed, so it does not move or shift while it is being transported. The cost of moving the manufactured home in Texas is going to be dependent on how far it must be taken. Our team will also use pilot cars and other transport methods to ensure it arrives at the new location safely.

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Setting Up Your Home At The New Location

The location where it will be installed should be fully prepared before the home is moved. You can handle this on your own, however, if there are issues (especially issues that you cause), then it is going to increase the total installation cost of your manufactured home.

Planning Your Homes Foundation

​The preparation process includes making sure the surface where it is being installed is flat and making sure larger flatbeds can access the land. If there is an elevated site, that will be best, since it can help to prevent issues related to drainage around the home now and in the future. If you can install a concrete foundation, this is even better. as this is considered the best option for mobile homes.

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After the site is fully prepared, the mobile home is removed from the truck and installed at the new site. If your residence had to be split into two or three separate pieces, we would align and reconnect them at this point. The installation process used is dependent on the conditions of the site. The home will probably be installed on the foundation on top of concrete blocks by using a crane. Once it is put back together and centered on the foundation, the utilities will be reconnected by trained professionals to ensure no issues are present. You will have to have it inspected and then certified as safe before you can have the utilities turned on. Working with our team will ensure that everything is handled properly.

Getting to Know the Types of Manufatured Homes We Can Move

There are several different types of mobile homes to choose from. For example, the newer park models are typically the easiest to move, as they can be hooked up to a truck, similar to how an RV is moved. However, if you have an older building to move, it will likely have to be moved using a flatbed truck to help ensure the structure is not damaged while it is being moved

The Increased Cost of Moving Double and Triple-Wide Homes

A single-wide mobile home can be transported using the flatbed too, and they can be moved in a single piece. With double-wide homes, you have a structure that is twice as big. This means we will have to separate the structure into two parts. Our team will do this and then move them and install them once they arrive. We can also move triple-wide homes; however, like double-wide’s, they will have to be taken in separate trips so they will fit on the truck and be able to be moved safely. The more parts, the more costly the it will be to move, and it will require our professional services to ensure it is done properly and safely.

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When it is time to move homes, there are several factors that must be considered. Our team will handle the entire process, from beginning to end and ensure that you get the quality results for an affordable price. Being informed and knowing what to expect is key.