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The chances are good you’ve seen a mobile home in transit at some point. Many people are amused by a sight like this whereas others find the experience a bit unnerving. Very few actually consider all the planning and effort that go into moving and installing a mobile home. It’s a complicated process, and any number of things could go wrong without the right knowledge and experience.

If you need to have a mobile home moved and installed at a new location, hiring a company with personnel that know what it takes to safely and successfully complete the process is essential. Otherwise, you could run into quite a few problems down the road, not the least of which are a damaged home and nonfunctional utilities. That’s where we come into play. We’re the Austin area’s top-notch mobile home installers, and we’re dedicated to providing superior service.

Preparing the New Home Site

Certain measures must be taken before your mobile home reaches your property. For one, the ground needs to be leveled and firmly packed. Secondly, the utilities need to be in place and ready for hook-up. A sturdy foundation should be established as well. At the same time, a moisture barrier has to be installed. This will protect your home from water damage and mold growth as well as other potential dangers. Requirements for all these aspects vary by mobile home manufacturers and local building codes, but our team is well aware of all the prerequisites.

Setting up Your Mobile Home

Once all the pre-installation components are properly in place, it’s time to bring in your mobile home. While smaller, single-wide models are moved in one piece, larger mobile homes need to be moved and installed in sections. We have all the equipment needed to move your home into place and set it up at its new location. We also go the extra mile to ensure all the sections are level and correctly aligned so your home won’t succumb to unnecessary damage from sinking or settling. From there, we connect the sections and secure your mobile home to its foundation.

Bringing It All Together

We make sure your home isn’t damaged in transit. Still, being taken apart and reassembled leaves behind certain telltale signs, like visible seams in the walls, roof, and floors. We carefully and expertly cover those seams and other visible eyesores so there’s no indication your home was ever dismantled and moved. From drywall to flooring, we cover all the bases. Then, it’s time to connect the electricity, plumbing, internet, and other utilities. We also install the HVAC ductwork, downspouts, and any other final elements to get your home in full working order. At this point skirting installation would take place if it is requested. Afterward, we clean up the mess and leave your home in optimal condition.

Place Your Home in the Hands of the Local Mobile Home Installation Specialists

The location where your home will be installed should be fully prepared before it agrees. You can handle this on your own; however, if there are issues (especially issues that you cause), then it is going to increase the total installation cost of your manufactured home.

The preparation process includes making sure the surface where the mobile home is being installed is flat and making sure larger flatbeds can access the land. If there is an elevated site, that will be best, since it can help to prevent issues related to drainage around the home now and in the future. If you can install a concrete foundation, this is even better, as this is considered the best option for mobile homes; however, other foundations may work, too.

Mobile Home Installation

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