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Mobile Home Skirting Austin, TX

Investing in a manufactured home is a great way to beautify a property and enjoy the life of a homeowner. However, if it is not adequately cared for, the home may deteriorate quickly, becoming an eyesore. One of the best ways to keep a home looking great is with quality mobile home skirting. It puts a bow tie on your mobile home installation.

Today, there are numerous styles of skirting available to suit almost any requirements or budget. Keep reading to learn more about the skirting options and how to select the best option.

About Mobile Home Skirting

Mobile home skirting is often called underpinnings. It is the material found under the base of a manufactured home. It runs from the floor of the home to the ground, covering up the pipes and provides support to create a much more unified visual appeal. Similar to other factors related to manufactured homeownership, when someone installs skirting, it gives a higher level of customization.

Benefits Offered by Manufactured HomeSkirting

Skirting is designed to protect the space between the floor of the home and the ground from pests. It also provides an additional layer of insulation, which helps with climate control. One of the most appealing benefits of skirting for property owners is that it can improve curb appeal.

If children live in the home, adding skirting also ensures small children cannot get under the house. It even helps to prevent moisture from building up in the space and protects the pipes and other above-ground utilities found under the home. It may even help reduce total insurance costs.

Available Options for Manufactured Home Skirting

Selecting the right skirting is challenging because of all the available options. It is smart to learn about each option to decide about the best material to use.
Vinyl is considered one of the most popular options for mobile home skirting because it is attractive, affordable, and easy to install. It is a good option for owners with a limited budget.​
​The panels look like natural stone and can be installed like vinyl panels. They can also adhere directly to the home.
​Similar to simulated rock skirting, brick panel skirting is affixed to the lumber. This option provides additional insulation benefits and is a preferable option for some thanks to the appealing design.
​This option provides a high level of security, insulation, and weather resilience. With cinder blocks, concrete, or real bricks under the mobile home, the process is more labor-intensive, which means it costs more.
​Tin and steel are the most popular options available with metal skirting. Both materials are available with designs and patterns to help improve curb appeal.
​For superior energy efficiency, foam skirting is a good option. It can be made to look like pebbles, stone, or brick.
​Plywood and wood composites are easy to install and affordable. Unfortunately, wood will not hold up well to the elements, which means it is not always the best option.