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When it is time to move a mobile home, seeking help from professionals is essential. To get this professional service, it is necessary to hire a mobile home transport service. Doing so can help ensure the process is handled correctly and safely. The right team is going to have extensive experience handling the complex process of moving a mobile home, regardless of if it is going somewhere locally or half-way across the country. This is true regardless of the size of the mobile home.

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​The right company provides several solutions to ensure every client gets exactly what they need and that high-quality services and solutions are provided. Professional moving services understand that for many clients, their home is their largest investment, which means they will treat it with care and professionalism throughout the moving process.

Transport for Single or Double Wideo Mobile Homes

Today, it is possible to find mobile homes in several sizes, shapes, and configurations, just like traditional homes. For example, single-wide homes are typically long and narrow while double-wide homes are wider and shorter than single-wide structures. It is up to the owner to choose the right transport option based on the style of the mobile home they have.

When you contact our team, be sure to ask about the moving options to ensure the right one is selected. For a single-wide home, which is typically around 15’ by 72’, using an extended, heavy-duty transport trailer is sufficient. However, for a double-wide home, which measures 26’ by 56’, a different type of transport method is used. Also, double-wide mobile homes are split into two separate sections to help ensure a safe and problem-free transport process.

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Choosing Between Trailer or Wheels Transport Methods

If a person owns a mobile home, they have two basic options. There are some owners who prefer to have the home towed using wheels. However, others will want the home placed on a trailer. There are some similarities between these options.

​Using wheels to transport the home is a popular option. During this, the professionals remove all ground attachments on the home, replacing them with axles that include wheels and a tongue to connect the truck to. The home is then hooked to a truck with an experienced truck driver who is responsible for getting the home to the new location.

If a homeowner chooses the trailer option, the home is put on instant axles and wheels to be transported. Once done, the mobile home is moved to a trailer for the entire transport process. The trailer used is determined by the weight of the home. People handling the moving process are going to make sure everything is fully protected during the move.

Logistic Services and Solutions

Our team has flatbeds ready to go that are uniquely designed to transport a manufactured home to a new location. After everything has been disconnected, the team will access and use heavy equipment, such as cranes, to lift up the mobile home or to put every piece on a flatbed truck.

Once in place, our team will secure the home to the flatbed, so it does not move or shift while it is being transported. The cost of moving the manufactured home is going to be dependent on how far it must be taken. Our team will also use pilot cars and other transport methods to ensure the home arrives at the new location safely. Contact your local mobile home movers in Austin Texas to get started today.

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